Paulo Sá questions government on problems of Tomás Cabreira High School in Faro – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Paulo Sá questions government on problems of Tomás Cabreira High School in Faro - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Deputy Paulo Sá (PCP), elected by the Algarve, questioned the Minister of Education on the problems that affect Tomás Cabreira High School in Faro, at the level of human resources, facilities and budget.

Recently, a delegation from the PCP, including the deputy from the Algarve, visited the farense school to find out about all the problems that affect it.

At Tomás Cabreira Secondary School, attended by about 1,400 students, the number of operational assistants is "clearly insufficient to ensure its normal functioning", emphasizes the Communist parliamentarian, because the 200 students in night regime are not counted by the Ministry of Education for the purposes of calculating the ratio of officials, leading to an "underestimation of the number of officials needed".

The existence of a half-time psychologist – "the Ministry of Education continues to refrain from authorizing full-time employment, despite repeated requests from the school's management," says Paulo Sá. the fact that the auditorium is still unfinished and, consequently, underutilized, depriving the educational community of an important resource ", in particular for professional courses in the performing arts; and the problems of the air conditioning system, are also cited by the Member in his application.

Finally, according to the information gathered by the PCP delegation, the budget of Tomás Cabreira High School "is clearly insufficient", since it has remained the same for several years, although the number of students has, however, doubled .

"The lack of budget means lack of material for sports, music classes, laboratories, etc., lack of consumables for different disciplines and lack of funds for study visits. Every year, the Direction of the School warns of this problem, without the Ministry of Education to increase the budget, "said Paulo Sá.

According to the communist deputy, Tomás Cabreira Secondary School "is affected by a policy of underfinancing, dictated by the government's option to reduce the national budget deficit in an accelerated way," which affects other schools in the Algarve and the rest of the country, also visited by PCP delegations.



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