PAUS, António Zambujo, Rita Redshoes and Manel Cruz will give music to the roofs of Faro – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

PAUS, António Zambujo, Rita Redshoes and Manel Cruz will give music to the roofs of Faro - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

PAUS, António Zambujo, Rita Redshoes, Manel Cruz are some of the stars that will give music to about two dozen roofs of Faro during the Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival, between June 20 and 22.

The event kicks off on the 20th with a concert by Paus, who promises to put everyone looking at the tops of the Republic Avenue buildings, looking for the exact spot where the band is playing, which will not be announced at the outset by the organization.

The festival, whose programming extends over the next few days in more than two dozen spaces of the genre of the public and private capital of the Algarve, begins with an open and free event for the whole community.

António Zambujo, Rita Red Shoes, Manel Cruz, Eliza Rodrigues, Allen Halloween, Galandrop, Twist Conection, Bruno Meyers, Fernando Leal and Fad'NU will be other musicians present throughout the three days, with concerts planned for various roofs in Faro.

Still on the 20th, you will be available to visit Horta Urbana Social on the roof of the Municipal Market of Faro, which during these days will receive gardening worksjops, dried figs and natural soaps.

On the 21st, the high point of the Acoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival will be the international conference entitled "Sighting the Future from the Açoteias", also free entrance and that aims to inspire the community and to formulate collectively the issues with greater mobilizing potential, so to take advantage of the roofs and terraces, announced the autarchy.

The panel of speakers is named Lívia Tirone (Portugal), an architect specializing in sustainable construction, Léon van Geest (Netherlands), director of Rotterdamse Dakendagen (the Rotterdam rooftops festival, which had 22,000 visitors in 2019), Ralf Alwani, director of Urban Scale Interventions, a creative agency responding to changes in how we live and work through people-centered design, and Dusty Gedge (UK), has over 15 years of experience in urban biodiversity issues .

This conference will take place at the former Fábrica da Cerveja, which opens at 6:00 pm under the theme «Um raio de Luza» and where Eventors Lab and Bybeau present a program dedicated to the light and presentation of the International Festival of Light of the Algarve – Luza, which this year takes place in the Algarve capital.

A classical music DJ who will be present on the roof of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission, which offers a trip in time, the court dances of the century. XIX with performances and activities developed by the João de Deus Dance School, "Evening Concerts", photography exhibitions, film sessions, microcontent sessions, environmental education actions are among the many proposals of the festival.

One of the great opportunities given by this festival is the visit to rooftops with unmissable sights on the city and which are not publicly accessible daily, such as the Hermitage of Santo António do Alto, in the highest point of the city, the roof of the building of the Tourism Region of Algarve, to which are added the roofs of commercial spaces, as hotel units, which also joined the Açoteia.

On Saturday 22, the Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival continues to offer a different perspective of seeing the city and return to experience the about two dozen rooftops and, at the end, descends to the 2nd floor of the Faro Municipal Market for a party of closure – "Untitled Cave" -, with music by João Maria, Badoga and Figueira.

The organization of the Açoteia – Faro Rooftop Festival is carried out by the Municipality of Faro, Ambifaro and Teatro das Figuras, with the collaboration of dozens of associations and entities of the municipality.

The ticket for the festival will be 5 euros per day, free for children up to 12 years. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Municipal Theater of Faro and exchanged for a bracelet on any roof included in the official program of the event. Bracelets can also be purchased from attendants who will be at the doorstep.

There are two events that require registration and additional payment but which includes a bracelet to enter other roofs: the sensorial dinner held at the Faro Hotel during the two days of the festival and the performative dinner taking place at the Municipal Market on the 22nd.

To know the complete program and more information about the Acoteia Faro Rooftop Festival can consult the official page of the event or in the official social networks, in Facebook and Instagram.



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