Pay your favorite creators through Patreon – Site of the day

Pay your favorite creators through Patreon - Site of the day

The platform allows content creators to establish a deeper connection with their fans and still receive money from the tool.

Be it a painter, a video content producer, a musician or simply a vlogger, the Patreon platform was created to connect fans and creators. The concept was inspired by the "financing" of classical artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, who relied on their patrons to continue to create works without worrying about monetary issues. The website functions as a blog, offering tools for creators to put videos, messages or pictures just as they would on a social network.

The difference is that you can lock certain content to fans who wish to make a monetary contribution, and thereby help the creator. In return, producers can create unique works as a reward, locking the contents of the general public, allowing access only to those who support them.

And you can even set benchmarks, with more interesting associated bonuses, such as creating something with your patron or giving you access to a private area of ​​social tools. If you are a video creator for YouTube you can show them in advance, among other goals you set for the stipulated values.

The platform works very well, depositing monthly in the account Paypal of the creators, the values ​​raised of the patrons. These may decide to pay only once or interrupt the monthly support at any time without any added value.

The site also has several statistical tools, where you can quickly find out who is the most "valuable" fan, or in which periods or content encouraged followers to invest, and in that sense you can reward them.

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