PC sales rise in the second quarter with Lenovo leading – Business

PC sales rise in the second quarter with Lenovo leading - Business

According to IDC's accounts, 64.9 million computers worldwide were sold in the second quarter of the year, up 4.7%. Gartner's numbers are slightly different, but they point to the same growth trend. In the company's accounts, 63 million units were sold, 1.5% more than in the same period last year.

The two analysts agree on the performance of EMEA PC sales during the second quarter, acknowledging a return to growth.

They also agree on the market leadership, which belongs to Lenovo. For IDC, the Chinese manufacturer sold 16.2 million units in the period, to Gartner 15.7 million, which gave it a quarter of the total sales.

HP ranks second in the ranking, with a share of 23.7%, which translates growth, but that did not arrive to avoid that Lenovo surpassed it. Dell closes the top 3, with Acer and Apple in the following positions.

Commercial tensions that have taken a toll today have not had much impact this quarter, although analysts believe that it may come in the next, with the possibility of significant price increases in the US. On the positive side, this second quarter of the year was marked by the resumption of supply of Intel processors and the upgrade of Windows 10, which helped boost PC sales.

Differences in data computed by IDC and Gartner reflect a different way of accounting for numbers. Gartner includes desktop, portable and ultra-portable accounts. Excludes iPads and Chromebooks. IDC includes Chromebooks and workstations, but it does out of the box for tablets and x86 servers.

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