PCP announces agreement with the PS in the Basic Health Law – The Economic Journal

The parliamentary group of the PCP announced today that it has reached an agreement with the parliamentary group of the PS in the discussion of the proposal of the new Basic Law of Health, with the inscription of the principle of public management.

The revelation was made by the communist parliamentary leader, João Oliveira, in the press conference room of the Assembly of the Republic.

The legislation has been the subject of postponements of votes, advances and retreats in the discussion in the specialty, especially around the possibility of private management of the units of the National Health Service (SNS), the so-called Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), with PS both with the majority partners of the left, BE and PCP, as with the largest opposition party, the PSD, so far without positive results.

The Government's bill was approved in December by the Council of Ministers, but in an altered version in light of the text that resulted from a working group on the subject led by former socialist minister Maria de Belém Roseira.

The BE had put to the discussion its version of the document in June 2018, but without bringing the text to plenary vote in parliament. In January, it was the turn of the discussion in most of the projects of PCP, PSD and CDS-PP, together with the governmental initiative.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has already taken a position on the matter, rejecting a "fixed" law and considering that legislation should be "capable of lasting beyond a government".

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