PCP contests delays in proposal for Tax Statute of Social Economy – Jornal Econômico

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The PCP questioned the Government on the reasons why the proposal for a Social Economy Tax Statute had not yet been presented, two years after the working group created for that purpose had presented its conclusions.

In a question addressed to the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Vieira da Silva, delivered this Friday in Parliament, Communist MPs Duarte Alves, Bruno Dias and Diana Ferreira justify that the working group to study the fiscal status of the social economy held the first meeting in December 2016 and completed the work in June 2017, when it sent the report to the Government.

"After almost two years, the Government's proposal for the Tax Statute of the Social Economy is not yet known. At a time when the end of the legislature is approaching, and given the time that has elapsed since the work of the group, the Committee is concerned that there is a possibility of missing an opportunity to move forward with fiscal measures which could provide support and stimulus, which has so often been lacking, to the cooperative and social sector, "they say.

The PCP argue that the measures suggested by the working group "would result in improvements that would stimulate the constitution, activity and development, in particular of the cooperative and social sector".

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