PCP delivers 176 amendments with lower VAT also in bullfights – The Economic Journal

PCP delivers 176 amendments with lower VAT also in bullfights - The Economic Journal

On the last day of the deadline, the PCP presented 74 proposals for amendments to the State Budget for 2019 (OE2019) in a total of 176 initiatives, including a reduction of VAT to 6% in bullfights.

"Overall, the set of amendments proposed by the PCP is around 176. There is no full assessment of this element. They are very different sense measures and, in their own embodiment, can have variable configuration. We do not have an exact calculation, "said the parliamentary leader of the PCP, João Oliveira, when asked about the economic impact of the measures defended in terms of lost revenue.

João Oliveira was speaking at a press conference in the parliament in Lisbon, accompanied by the deputy chairman of the PCP António Filipe and Paulo Sá and Duarte Alves, who explained some of the proposals for amendments to the OE2019 that have been presented for two weeks and until 19:00 today.

Contrary to the intention of the PM's parliamentary group to exclude tauromachic spectacles from VAT cuts, after declarations in the same direction by the Minister of Culture and the Prime Minister, António Costa, the Communists defended the reduction from 13% to 6%.

"We have also presented proposals to reduce VAT rates in the cultural sphere, trying to ensure that this reduction by which we meet the common examination of the OE is effectively ensured, but maintaining the same concept of spectacle that is now in force for tax and other purposes , determining its entry into force on January 1, "he continued.

Representatives of the PCP have listed a number of other tax reform proposals, some of which are already known, such as increasing the minimum existence for IRS calculation purposes or the end of Special Payments for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. medium-sized enterprises.

Other initiatives are related to the energy sector and the reduction of tariffs to consumers, through the regulation of prices, as well as control over the fuel surcharge – Petroleum Products Tax (ISP) – or the VAT of contracted electrical power, among others.

In social benefits, the PCP proposes the "reinstatement of benefits cut by the previous Government", with "increased death benefit and reimbursement for funeral expenses", for example.

In addition to the strengthening of investment in general and public services in particular, the communist parliamentary group also presented measures in the agriculture and forestry sectors and again insisted on reduction of charges and reversal of the various Public-Private Partnerships.

"We will vote against the proposal to create a municipal civil protection fee and have put forward a proposal for the financing of the Municipalities to be financed through the proceeds of the insurance premiums so that they fulfill the competences assigned to them in such a relevant matter "Said João Oliveira.

The CFP deputy also underlined yet another initiative for not updating in 2019 the state subsidies allocated to the various parliamentary groups.

The OE2019 Government proposal was submitted to the Assembly of the Republic on October 15 and debated generally between October 29 and 30, and was approved with votes in favor of PS, BE, PCP, PEV and PAN and votes against PSD and CDS-PP.

The parties have until today to submit their proposals for amendments to the document submitted by the Government, which are then discussed and voted one by one on a specialty basis on 26, 27, 28 and 29 November.

For the afternoon of November 29, the closing session and the final global vote of OE2019 are scheduled.

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