Pedro Abrunhosa gives voice to the hymn “All for one”

Pedro Abrunhosa gives voice to the hymn “All for one”

The musician and singer Pedro Abrunhosa is the voice of the hymn "Todos por um", released today in Lisbon, and which intends to alert to the urgency of meeting the development goals defined by the United Nations (UN) for 2030.

With lyrics and music by the singer and composer, the hymn gives music to the campaign "Towards 2030", implemented in Portugal by the Marquês de Valle Flôr Institute (IMVF), the Intermunicipal Network for Cooperation for Development (RICD) and the Municipality of Oeiras and financed by Camões – Cooperation and Language Institute, IP

"'All for one' is an urgent appeal to the need to come together to achieve the goals set for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations by 2030", the promoters of the indicative said in a statement.

The song "intends to encourage action and mobilization for a more just, dignified, inclusive and sustainable world, betting on the power of social transformation of music", they add.

The letter underlines the sense of urgency in meeting these goals at a time when the covid-19 pandemic has delayed and, in some cases, regressed the efforts of years.

Even before the pandemic, efforts to eradicate hunger, the first of the 17 objectives, were slowing down, and it was almost a given that the goal of ending poverty by 2030 would not be achieved.

"The pandemic is pushing tens of millions of people back into extreme poverty, undoing years of progress. Although the pandemic has highlighted the need to strengthen social protection and emergency preparedness and response, these measures are insufficient to safeguard the poor. and vulnerable, who need them most", defend the campaign promoters.

In addition to the urgency of action, the music also wants to underline the importance of joining efforts around this objective.

Only with the "joint involvement and commitment" of governments, civil society, companies and other actors "will it be possible to achieve economic, environmental and socially sustainable development" that benefits everyone, sustain the promoters of the initiative.

The United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda results from the joint work of governments and citizens to create a global model to end poverty, promote prosperity and the well-being of all, protect the environment and combat climate change. It integrates 17 objectives and 169 goals.

Eradication of poverty and hunger, gender equality, quality health and education, clean water and sanitation, decent work, reduction of inequalities, promotion of renewable energies and climate action are some of the goals of this global development strategy.


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