Pedro Cabrita Reis exhibits «Four Sculptures and a Self-Portrait» in Faro

Pedro Cabrita Reis exhibits «Four Sculptures and a Self-Portrait» in Faro

The exhibition «Cabrita: Four Sculptures and a Self-Portrait», with works by Pedro Cabrita Reis, has been on display since yesterday and until November 15 in three spaces in the city of Faro: the Municipal Museum of Faro, the 289 Association and the Gallery Arch.

The inauguration ceremony, held on City Day, was attended by Pedro Cabrita Reis, the president of the Serralves Foundation, Ana Pinho, the Mayor of Faro, Rogério Bacalhau, the Councilor for Culture and Vice President of autarchy, Paulo Santos, and the director of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Philippe Vergne.

The exhibition, with works from the Serralves Collection and unpublished works by the artist, appears in the context of the National Itinerance Program of the Serralves Collection, which aims to “make the foundation's collection accessible to diverse audiences throughout the country”, having been organized in partnership with the artist and the Algarve municipality.

“With consolidated international recognition, Cabrita's work became crucial for the understanding of sculpture from the mid-1980s”, stresses the Serralves Foundation.

“His complex work, characterized by an idiosyncratic philosophical and poetic discourse, encompasses a wide variety of media: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and installations composed of found materials and manufactured objects. The use of a wide range of materials of great simplicity, the constant dialogue that he maintains with the history of art, and the combination of memories, gestures and actions of daily life, accentuate the strong metaphorical impetus of his creations ”, he adds.


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