Pedro Jóia starts a concert cycle in Albufeira

Pedro Jóia starts a concert cycle in Albufeira

On April 24th, starting at 9:30 pm, the Municipality of Albufeira resumes the cycle of concerts online with the commemorative show of the 47th Anniversary of the 25th of April in the municipality.

Sit comfortably on your sofa and access the municipality's YouTube channel or Facebook to watch Pedro Jóia's concert “Zeca Afonso”, which includes themes from his most recent work.

Pedro Jóia, reference of the guitar in Portugal, presents a repertoire based on some of the best music produced in our country, in which it explains all its technique and musical sensitivity.

In his latest record release "Zeca", the words are at Pedro Jóia's fingertips, who, by creating an instrumental approach to the work of Zeca Afonso, and having the guitar as the basic instrument – that being absent in its original form – it is so present throughout this work that we don't even realize how subliminal it is!

This is one of those records that will go down in history, that will always be current, that dignify the work itself and the work of the one who inspired it!

In his show, in addition to presenting his most recent work "Zeca", there are guitar versions of emblematic works by authors as diverse as Armandinho, Carlos Paredes, as well as music composed by himself.

In this production Pedro Jóia (on guitar) performs in a duo, accompanied by José Salgueiro on percussion.


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