Pedro Nunes embraces creation of Indo-European network of incubators – Jornal Econômico

Pedro Nunes embraces creation of Indo-European network of incubators - Jornal Econômico

The Pedro Nunes Institute is one of 10 European incubators invited by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation to join the founding group of EU-INDIA Incubators and Accelerators Network.

In Bangalore, India, Paulo Santos, Executive Director of Incubation and Acceleration at IPN, participated in the launch of the project, which involves a dozen incubators from Europe and 11 from India. For two days at the sub-continent's Technology Mecca, participants learned about the various entrepreneurial ecosystems represented there and discussed possible ways to deepen cross-border partnerships.

Created in 1991, on the initiative of the University of Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes Incubadora of IPN was the birthplace of some of the most important technological companies in Portugal, such as Critical Software, WIT Software, Crioestaminal, Active Space Technologies, Take the Wind or Feedzai.

In 2010 it was awarded the International Best Technology Based Incubator award in the World Best Science Based Incubator Competition organized by The Technopolicy Network, a network managed by the Science Alliance (Netherlands), in cooperation with Genepole (France) , the SPICE Group (Germany), the European BIC Network (Belgium) and the Center for Strategy and Evaluation Services (UK).

In February 2018, it ranked 5th in a ranking of the world's best university-based incubators conducted by UBI Global, a Swedish research and consulting entity widely recognized for evaluating and bringing together the best incubators worldwide.

Since the end of 2014, IPN has hosted ESA BIC Portugal, one of the 18 incubation centers of the European Space Agency at European level. In this structure are supported startups that transfer space technology to terrestrial sectors, but also new companies wishing to enter the commercial space market.

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