Pedro Nuno Santos's wife wins more powers as head of government cabinet – Jornal Econômico

Ana Catarina Gamboa, wife of the Minister of Infrastructures and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, will have enhanced powers as head of the Cabinet of the Deputy Secretary of State and Parliamentary Affairs, Duarte Cordeiro.

A dispatch published on Wednesday in the Diário da República confers "powers to perform various acts", which includes managing the budget of the Cabinet, authorize the use of own vehicle and accommodation in hotels "more than three stars."

The order signed by Secretary of State Duarte Cordeiro comes three months after the appointment of Ana Catarina Gamboa to Duarte Cordeiro's cabinet chief to have been published in Diário da República. The appointment of Pedro Nuno Santos's wife has raised criticism of the government, accused of being "entangled in familiar webs" that unite 50 people and 20 families, prompting the Minister of Infrastructures and Housing to clarify the controversial appointment of his wife.

The document, which takes effect on February 18, "delegates, with the faculty of subdelegation, to the head of the Cabinet of the Assistant Secretary of State and Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Gamboa Vaz" 19 new powers. Ana Catarina Gamboa is responsible for the management of the budget of the Cabinet, and decides on the authorization of the budgetary alterations "that are necessary for its execution" and "the accomplishment of expenses, with rent and purchase of goods and services, or possible expenses of representation ".

But that's not all. The wife of Pedro Nuno Santos also exercises disciplinary powers and coordinates special working groups, commissions, services or programs that work within the Cabinet's dependence and authorize the provision of additional work beyond the limits established by law, as well as to authorize the allocation of allowances and benefits "to which the office staff is entitled under the law".

Ana Catarina Gamboa is also responsible for authorizing travel to the office in the national territory and abroad, as well as the processing of the respective travel and subsistence expenses. In relation to accommodation, the order defines that the hotel establishment must be "superior to three stars" and in the case of visits abroad, the corresponding allowances must be paid to the visas.

Authorizations for the use of your own vehicle, rental car and plane when traveling in official service are also at your disposal. "In his absences and impediments, the head of the cabinet is replaced by the deputy André Gonçalo Oliveira dos Santos Pereira," it is still read in the office.

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