Pedro Pardal Henriques no longer spokesman for drivers to get into politics – Jornal Económico

Lawyer Pedro Pardal Henriques will be a candidate for António Marinho Pinto's party in the legislative elections and will no longer be a spokesman for the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP) “so as not to mix what could be interpreted as an election campaign” .

In a statement released Wednesday, Pedro Pardal Henriques refuses to "promote himself" and explains that he will still "legally represent this union, as well as the Portuguese Security and Watchers Union, the Independent Workers Union". from the Lisbon Bus Station ”, as well as the others who agreed to defend.

The new head of list for the Republican Democratic Party (PDR) Lisbon circle says that he made the decision after "hard thinking" and "conferring with his family. “I have made you aware that I want to be an active voice for all the causes that I have been advocating and that I believe are not represented in Parliament today,” he said in a note sent this afternoon to the newsrooms. “I apply because I believe we can regain April's values,” he concludes.

Confirmation of the lawyer's candidacy was made by the PDR leader in statements to “RTP 3”. “We are very proud to have in the electoral fight the man who was the face of an extremely important union fight because he has escaped the control that the party apparatus has over unionism in Portugal,” said the former MEP on arrival at the Porto district court to deliver the candidate list by the PDR. “A unionism controlled by political party commissioners is a castrated unionism, which does not represent the interests of the workers. Sparrow Henriques broke with that, ”he said.

Thus, the taboo around the candidacy of the lawyer who has been the face of the drivers of hazardous materials in their labor conflict against the bosses of the sector is undone. The driver spokesman's application for the PDR was made two weeks ago by the "Diário de Notícias" and since then, both Marinho Pinto and Pardal Henriques have refused to confirm it.

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