Pedro Proença expects championship final "hallucinating"

Pedro Proença expects championship final "hallucinating"

The president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), Pedro Proença, considered today that the national competitions are "well and recommended" and believes that the final tip of the championship will be "amazing."

"It's going to be an exciting and emotional finale, and it's still about to be decided, not only in the top rankings, but also in access to international leagues, promotion and relegation. .

Following the signing of a protocol between the LPFP and the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP), Pedro Proença pointed to the internationalization of the brand as the main objective.

"Since the League has signaled the project of brand internationalization as vital for leveraging the business model we intended, this memorandum will enable us to enter a market with around 270 million new consumers," he announced.

EC-CPLP President Salimo Abdula expressed the dream of creating a CPLP League of Clubs and hopes that the LPFP know-how will help develop football in the countries that belong to the community.

"With the League of Portugal, we intend to develop a union around football that can culminate in a league of the CPLP and that all the know-how of the League can be transferred to other leagues of the CPLP countries, in order to dynamize and make a sustainable business, "he said.

The signing of this protocol is aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two entities in the development of the modality in the CPLP countries.

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