Pedro Proença recandidas to the presidency of the League of clubs

Pedro Proença recandidas to the presidency of the League of clubs


The president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), Pedro Proença, will reappear for a second term to the leadership of the body in the elections for the four-year 2019-2023, scheduled for June 12, the leader told Lusa today.

"After careful consideration and after receiving numerous support approaches in recent weeks, I decided to re-apply to the LPFP presidency for the four-year period 2019-2023," the former referee said in a statement.

Pedro Proença, 48, has been chairman of the LPFP since July 2015, when he defeated the predecessor, Luis Duque, in the elections.

"I am fully convinced that, after a first mandate that has been reformulated and consolidated, now is the moment to decisively boost the LPFP, its competitions and its protagonists to a level of excellence never before seen with regard to its inevitable process of industrialization and modernization, "said Pedro Proença.

The leader of the organization and recandidato to the position also assumed "commitments" with the "decisive competitiveness and internationalization" of Portuguese professional competitions.

"Above all, this will be an application of responsibility, credibility and future," he said.

The LPFP announced today the marking of elections to the governing bodies on June 12 between 14H30 and 17H30, setting the deadline for submitting applications on June 7 between 10H30 and 13H30.

Founded in February 1978, the league currently organizes three competitions: I League, II League and League Cup.

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