Pedro Roxo – "Partner is tool to fulfill our project"

Pedro Roxo - "Partner is tool to fulfill our project"


Why do you apply for the Academic?
Above all by an imperative of consciousness. Everyone knows the situation we inherited, perhaps the most difficult in Academic history. And after these three years of intense and difficult work, the members asked us to continue and, above all, to present solutions and a project that would make Academic sustainable. Let us think of Académica in the long run, something that it never had the capacity to do, also because there were no conditions for it.
At this moment we have the conditions and we present a project to make it sustainable in the long term and that allows to undergo with the best and with the tables conditions.

Are circumstances and the moment today very different from those of 2016?
We entered Academic in a very difficult and peculiar situation. No one else wanted to do it. With the descent of division and, consequently, of revenues, in which the assumptions were not fulfilled. If it were today, with the established rules, Academic would compete in the National Senior Championships.
We entered Academic because we thought we could not die. We said this.
Obviously financial conditions remain very difficult. We have always been transparent. In fact, no one has yet been able to turn this around. Académica comes from a long period of indebtedness and the debt is known … and great.
At the moment the conditions of credibility are created so that Académica can capture investments, can transform and undergo the best under the same conditions.

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