Pedro Sousa joins João Sousa at the main table in Barcelona

Pedro Sousa joins João Sousa at the main table in Barcelona

The Portuguese tennis player Pedro Sousa today won the Argentinean Guido Andreozzi in two sets and qualified for the ATP 500 tournament in Barcelona, ​​joining compatriot João Sousa in the main frame of the Spanish clay court.

Pedro Sousa, 106th in the world ranking and 12th seed in the preliminary phase, beat the Argentinean 84th-ranked player and sixth-seeded 6-4 and 6-2, in the last meeting of access to the main frame, which lasted for one hour and 23 minutes.

In only two games, Pedro Sousa broke six times for Andreozzi (although he also suffered three), four of them in the second and unbalanced 'set', which lasted just over half an hour, during which the Argentine was unable to to play in any of the games in which he has served.

The 30-year-old national number two, who closed the match on the first match point he had in his favor, set the record against Andreozzi, who ranked 22 places in the world ranking, with two victories for each player.

João Sousa, Portuguese number one and 51st world tennis player, will face Argentine Guido Pella, 35th in the ranking, in the inaugural round of the Catalan event, which has Rafael Nadal Spanish, second in the ATP hierarchy and first seed of this edition, the record holder of titles, with 11 trophies won, among which the last three years.

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