"Penelope's Odyssey" by Margaret Atwood arrives Monday at Portuguese bookstores – Showbiz

"Penelope's Odyssey" by Margaret Atwood arrives Monday at Portuguese bookstores - Showbiz

In this work, the author of "The Story of a Servant" revisits Homer's "Odyssey" through Penelope, Odysseus' wife who, dead and forgotten, wanders through hell and can finally tell her own version: "One subversive and entertaining account of lust, greed and violence, in which myths are undone and no one is spared, "the publisher describes.

In the original, Penelope survives alone during the years of the Trojan War, weaving the endless shroud of her father-in-law, Laerte, until Ulysses returns. Atwood builds a contemporary version of the Greek classic, gives voice to Penelope and her twelve maids.

"Now it's my turn, I owe it to myself." Once people would have laughed, but now, who does not care about public opinion? , of the echoes? So, I'll spin my thread, "says Penelope, in the Canadian writer's odyssey.

Originally published in 2005 – with the first Portuguese translation, for years out of print, to come out in Teorema the following year – the novel "The Odyssey of Penelope" was classified as "fabulous" and "unequivocally irreverent" by The New York Times , while the British The Spectator considered Penelope "pragmatic, biting, domestic, somber, Atwood's perfect heroine."

A work "as potent as a curse," wrote the Sunday Times.

Recurring name among Nobel Prize winners, Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa in 1939, adding more than 40 works of fiction, poetry and essay.

She was honored with awards such as the Booker, the Sunday Times Literary Excellence and the City of London Literary Award, the Prince of Arts Austúrias Award (Spain), the National Arts Club Medal of Honor for Literature ( United States) and with the title of officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.

Atwood's work, according to Elsinore, is translated into 35 languages.

The writer will be in Porto, as a special guest of the Forum of the Future, to be held from November 04 to 10.

As part of this initiative, a meeting with Atwood is scheduled for 08 in the large auditorium of the Rivoli Theater, where the author, in a moderated session by Gareth Evans, writer and curator of the Whitechapel Gallery in London, "will reflect on the importance of mythology in his work and on the most striking elements of his books, such as identity, social order and language. "

The programming of the Forum of the Future recalls how Atwood "resists the label of 'feminist', and prefers to think of her books" as works of "social realism," just as she refuses to inscribe them "in the genre of science fiction ', defining them as speculative fictions. "

"Margaret Atwood is one of the great authors of our time," writes Bertrand, who has published some of her titles, such as "The Blind Assassin," winner of the Booker Prize, "Named Grace," adapted this year by Netflix. similar to "The Story of a Servant," a success on last season's schedule on that platform.

This novel was originally published in Portugal under the title "Crónica de una serva" by the publications Europa-América, which revealed the writer in the country in the 1980s.

"Cat's Eye," "Witch's Seed," "The Heart is the Last to Die," "The Year of the Flood," "Oryx and Crex," "Retrace," "Lady of the Oracle," "Criminal or Innocent "," The impostor "," Resurrect "are other works of the writer, published for the first time in Portugal by chambers such as Europe-America, Bertrand, Books of Brazil and Clock of Water.

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