Pepa: "It's very difficult, but not impossible"

Pepa: "It's very difficult, but not impossible"

Statements from Pepa, coach of Tondela, to Sport TV, after the 1-3 loss to Santa Clara, at the João Cardoso Stadium, of the 32nd round of the Primera Liga.

"It's very difficult, but it's not impossible, so we just have to complain about what we can not do. That second goal scored the game, but neither I nor anyone else will throw the towel down."

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"We do not get it today and here nobody gives up, in this house, so we have a notion that it is more complicated, more difficult, but not impossible, far from it."

"The first half was not very achieved, it is true, but the second part we entered to press, with offensive volume, we made the goal and that second goal [do Santa Clara] was a huge blow. From there we could not react, we were animatedly down, which turns out to be a bit inexplicable, but the legs started to weigh a lot. "

"It's not a lack of attitude, it's a lack of running, it's the weight on our legs and the responsibility we have to take on it, but here emotional issues have taken over us and Santa Clara ended up making it 2-1 and we ended up making it the suffering game. "

"The game of Alvalade [com o Sporting] it's crucial for us to be able to take this until the last game [com o Desportivo de Chaves]. "

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