Pêra Sul Detail Plan in public discussion – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Pêra Sul Detail Plan in public discussion - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

From October 15 to November 6, the public discussion period of the South Pear Detail Plan will be held.

This is the first of several phases that will allow the elaboration of another plan that will allow the introduction of improvements in land use planning in this area. In fact, when designing such a procedure, the municipality recommends promoting the attractiveness of the urban agglomerate and its competitiveness, by increasing the supply of qualified urban area. It also seeks to promote the exploitation of the potential of the location of the territory, making it profitable and optimizing the investment made in it, as well as developing a qualified auction of the urban network valuing the existing resources.

The beginning of this procedure was decided on September 24, 2018, at a meeting of the Board, which approved the respective Terms of Reference and the Draft Agreement for Planning, which may now be consulted by those interested in formulating suggestions and presenting information in https://www.cm-silves.pt/en/menu/1021/pp-de-pera-sul-elaboracao.aspx and https://www.cm-silves.pt/en/menu/1020/pp-de-pera-sul-elaboracao.aspx, as well as in CMS and União de Freguesias de Alcantarilha and Pêra.

At the same meeting, it was also decided to begin this period of preventive participation, which will now begin and qualify the elaboration of the South Pear Detail Plan as likely to have significant effects on the environment, thus subjecting it to the Strategic Environmental Assessment . The said resolution was published in the Diário da Republica by Notice no. 14315/2018, of October 08.

The formulation of suggestions, as well as the presentation of information, should be made in writing, addressed to the Permanent Councilor of the Municipality of Silves with the purpose of planning and urban planning, using for this purpose the proper form that can be obtained in the places above or on the institutional website of the municipality.



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