Petition against Gender Identity Law has over 23,000 signatures – Jornal Económico

Members of the PSD parliamentary bench have already spoken out about the controversy of the government order that allows children who do not recognize themselves in the gender with which they were born to attend the bathrooms they prefer. In other words, social democrats classify the measure as an imposition of the “radical left” that can “aggravate bullying and school violence ”. Speaking to the newspaper "Expresso", the deputies object to an order approved "in the middle of the holidays and almost hidden" to determine the measures that come to implement the law of gender self-determination.

Among them, those related to the implementation of the legislation in schools, which foresees that these children can choose the uniforms that they wear “according to their choice”, choose the activities for boys or girls who prefer to perform or free access “to the bathrooms and changing rooms, always taking into consideration their express will and ensuring their intimacy and uniqueness”.

For Social Democrat MPs, these rules not only “do not safeguard the right of all children to their privacy and uniqueness” but “potentially aggravate bullying and school violence and will give rise to tension with the school communities, ”the newspaper quoted the bench's responses. Thus, the order in question is “a reflection of the imposition of a radical left ideological agenda that is being imposed on schools”.

They end the argument by asking the Government three questions: Is the constitutional principle that prevents the state from programming education and culture according to any philosophical, aesthetic, political, ideological and religious guidelines? Can you guarantee that the implementation of this measure will safeguard “the privacy and uniqueness of all children”? And can the ministry of education identify which schools impose on children gender-differentiated activities?

In the face of this controversy, the petition against the approved law adds more than 23,000 signatures this Thursday. In their description, the petitioners ask: "What is the point of the approval and consequent entry into force in August, when so many parents and children are on vacation, of an order of this fracturing nature?"

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