PGR says Paulo Gonçalves is the defendant – The Jornal Econômico

PGR says Paulo Gonçalves is the defendant - The Jornal Econômico

Paulo Gonçalves and not Luís Filipe Vieira. The Attorney General's Office (PGR), in answer to the question referred by the Economic Journal, clarified that the former legal adviser of SL Benfica is the defendant in the e-mails process, correcting previous information indicating that this defendant is not one of the people on the cover story today at "Correio da Manhã".

Remember that "Correio da Manhã" made headlines today with the news that the president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Luís Filipe Vieira, would be accused of sports corruption in the "e-mail process" almost a year ago.

In addition to the president of SL Benfica, the Judicial Police also brought together as defendants Paulo Gonçalves, a former legal adviser to the 'eagles', who was recently accused in the E-mole case, Adão Mendes, former football referee and commentator sporting affection to the incarnated Pedro Guerra.

These confirmations are part of a certificate sent to the process that will now enter the instructional phase. The seizure of the president's mobile phones and iPads was made within the framework of his constitution as an accused.

The contents of the three devices were copied for later analysis by the police authorities, thus confirming the complaint made by Futebol Clube do Porto that for several years the 'eagles' allegedly set up a corruption scheme to control the arbitration.

In the coded conversations where "padres" and "masses" were spoken, Luís Filipe Vieira was treated as "prime minister". The Public Prosecutor 'cut' some parts of the certificates for the facts not to be known, but there are details that are relevant, for example, in Pedro Guerra's computer, there is no email.

Already in the others involved in the process the correspondence was recovered and all that related to what was being investigated was validated by the investigating judge.

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