PHC wants to look into the next 30 years. Process Innovation and Internationalization Part of the Way – Business

PHC wants to look into the next 30 years. Process Innovation and Internationalization Part of the Way - Business

For Portugal the opportunities focus more on the possibilities of digital transformation, with the new trends of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. These are themes that PHC is developing, also working in companies that are born in digital DNA, with a new generation of entrepreneurs seeking support for the management of their companies and someone who accompanies them.

Asked by SAPO TEK about market risks in African countries, Rogério Canhoto underlines that PHC's bet is already over 20 years old, especially in Mozambique. “This is a trustworthy business and we have to make sure we have non-failing software that responds to everything managers need and the obligations they have,” he says. “We are growing in Mozambique and it is about that, feeling that we are there and regardless of the economic crises and financial difficulties, and this reinforces confidence,” he underlines.

Spain, although close, is a difficult, very specific and highly competitive market, like Brazil, despite the proximity of the language. Growth will take place more in Latin America, where Peru is an important base, with growth close to 50%.

More than technology

Rethinking the product, creating evolutionary scenarios for each sector, thinking outside the box and throwing the box away to make a more cross-cutting innovation are all part of the logic being applied at PHC, meeting the challenges of a VUCA world – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

“30 years ago the management tools that existed were very archaic and the level of maturity and management capacity we have now is extraordinary,” admits Rogério Canhoto.

But in evolution, not everything is software technology. “5G, predictive processing, and IOT make it possible to manage things that are today inanimate, amorphous beings for managing an ERP, but also for Artificial Intelligence, not in the mouth-watering version of jobs but their enormous potential. automate and systematize operations, ”he details.

A new team mindset also focuses on the challenges, because switching to software as a service is more than 20 years old and taking time to work, and managers need rapid decision making and management support, with notifications so they can act immediately.

"The area of ​​collaborative intelligence, with remote work, dispersed skills, will be an interesting challenge to make even more spectacular software," says the manager.

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