Piaget de Silves Institute present at the World Windsurf Championship – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Piaget de Silves Institute present at the World Windsurf Championship - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Between September 15 and 23, 2018, the World Windsurf Championship was held in Praia da Rocha, Portimão, in the categories Raceboard, Formula Windsurfing and Formula Foil; 29 athletes were present in the Raceboard class, 32 athletes in the Formula Windsurf class and 37 in Foil, representing about 12 countries, under the organization of the Naval Club of Portimão, in partnership with the Portimão City Council.

The Piaget Institute of Silves was one of the partner organizations that supported this great sporting event, attended by health professionals and students, who provided physiotherapy and osteopathy services to athletes.

The most common injuries in the practice of windsurfing are the muscular tensions and tendinitis, resulting from repetitive and long duration of effort, associated to the high physical demands and environmental factors involved. The most frequent sites of injuries involve the lower limbs (knee, ankle and foot) and the lumbar spine, but the upper limbs (shoulder and elbow) also present a high number of injuries during the practice of this modality.

It is very important to develop injury prevention strategies during out-of-water training. A specific workout for these athletes should include strength, endurance, muscle flexibility, and appropriate warm-up and warm-up periods. The presence of a physiotherapist at the competition site is very important to better prepare these athletes through the application of stretching techniques, soft tissue mobilization, vertebral traction and muscle relaxation.

During the event, the data was collected to carry out a scientific study, which aims to determine the prevalence of injuries in this modality, as well as the anatomical sites, types of lesions and mechanisms of injuries more frequent and the factors associated with these lesions. This study is the responsibility of Researcher Beatriz Minghelli, a professor at the Instituto Piaget de Silves.



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