Piaget opens vacancies for special competition for access to higher education

Piaget opens vacancies for special competition for access to higher education

The Piaget Institute has opened specific vacancies in all degrees of its various university centers, from north to south of the country, for the special competition for access to higher education for students who have completed secondary education through the vocational route or a specialized artistic course .

The conditions for access to this special competition were recently approved by the government, which intends to widen the social base of entry into higher education, valuing the specificity and identity of professional education.

The purpose is to guarantee equal opportunities among candidates for higher education, since until now students coming from the professional fields were subject to national exams that evaluate subjects that are not part of their course curricula. Candidates who enroll in the new competition will be subject to an entrance test that will assess the knowledge and skills considered essential to enter the degree to which they are applying.

«This special competition will allow the system of access to higher education to adapt to the diversity of trajectories of students from secondary education, and, therefore, an important step forward in the convergence with the European education system», says Rui Tomás, secretary of the Piaget Institute.

The academic official adds that "ending the inequality between students who finish secondary school in the scientific-humanistic and professional pathways will certainly contribute to increase the qualification of our young people, so important in today's knowledge society".

With the creation of the new special competition and the opening of these vacancies, it is estimated that the percentage of students in vocational education who will continue their studies in higher education may reach 40%, more than doubling the current number.

In the case of the Piaget Institute, candidates eligible for the new competition have the choice of Acupuncture degrees (taught on the Vila Nova de Gaia campus); Basic education; Physical Education and Sport; Social Education (the last three taught in Almada); Nursing (taught at the Silves, V. N. Gaia and Viseu centers); Computer Engineering (on the Almada campus); Physiotherapy (on the Silves, V. N. Gaia and Viseu campuses); Management (in Almada); Osteopathy (in Silves and V. N. Gaia); and Psychology (taught at the centers of Almada and Viseu).

The first phase of registration runs until tomorrow, July 16, with access tests scheduled for July 20 to 31, with results posted on August 7. The second phase of registration lasts between 17 July and 17 September, with the tests taking place between 21 and 25 September.


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