"Piercing": win invitations to the anthem – Hobbies

"Piercing": win invitations to the anthem - Hobbies

Lanterna de Pedra Filmes and SAPO Mag have to offer double invitations to the anthem in Lisbon.

Reed (Christopher Abbott) says goodbye to his wife and baby son, pretending to go on a business trip. But instead of clothes, your suitcase contains a bondage kit and an ice pick.

The plan is outlined: you will check in at a hotel, call a escort service, and kill an innocent prostitute.

But Reed's plan did not have Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), the seductive and mysterious escort who enters his room and completely changes everything Reed meticulously imagined.

As the night progresses, a devilish nightmare sets in.

"Piercing" is a black comedy based on a book by Ryu Murakami, which also inspired Takashi Miike's classic "Audition" (1999).



The Lanterna de Pedra Filmes and SAPO Mag have to offer:

* 10 double invitations to the anthem at the Cinemas City Campo Pequeno (Lisbon), on April 3 at 9:30 p.m.;

Just answer one question.


The competition ends at 2:00 p.m. on April 2. The results are announced until 4:57 pm.

The form asks for a full name. Incomplete entries may not be considered.

* At the request of the distributor, participants can only win once in all hobbies related to this film.

Only one valid response per email address and per competitor is accepted, so it is no use responding to the form more than once.

Winners must present themselves with their CC or other identification document (no photocopies will be accepted) at the ticket office, about 30 minutes before the event starts, to pick up their invitations. These are personal and non-transferable, so that the representatives of the distributors reserve the right not to deliver them before the presentation of the personal identification of third parties.

Participation in the hobbies of previews presupposes the availability to attend the sessions, reason why, except in cases of force majeure that must be communicated in a timely manner through the email [email protected] (identified by name and pastime, including the city), we count on the presence of all the winners.

Only compete if you are sure you can be present.

We reserve the right to exclude from future hobbies anyone who does not do so.

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