Pilou Asbaek: to talk with Euron Greyjoy of "The War of the Thrones" on the "epic" last season

Pilou Asbaek: to talk with Euron Greyjoy of "The War of the Thrones" on the "epic" last season

We know him as the Euron Greyjoy of "War of the Thrones" but we also saw him in series like "Borgen" and films like "Ghost in the Shell". In the last season of HBO's megaproduction, we saw him make a pact with Cersei or kidnap Yoda, the sister of Theon.

Last season, which debuts on HBO Portugal next morning at 2 am, Danish actor Pilou Asbaek continues to play the very rock 'n' roll villain. SAPO Mag talked with the actor on the phone about what we can expect from the end of "The War of the Thrones", whom he would like to see end up on the throne and how it was to build the personality of Euron Greyjoy.

SAPO Mag (S.M.) – Everybody is waiting for this to be the best season of all: there are longer episodes and battles that took weeks to be filmed. From the little that you can say, what's going to have more this last season of "The War of the Thrones"?

Pilou Asbaek (P.B.) – I think "The War of the Thrones" has become increasingly better not only by the value of production but also by the time that the spectators dedicated to the series. The fans have invested so much that they really want this to be the best season ever. I can give you an example of why I think this season is going to be incredible: it usually takes us six months to shoot 10 episodes, this time we've filmed only six episodes for 10 months.

Yes, some of the episodes are going to be longer, they will almost be like movies, but this is absolutely necessary for the story and I can assure you that this season will be truly epic. It will be something never seen in television history and it will be many years before we see something like this again. So tighten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride because it will be awesome.

(S.M.) – How did you get in season 6, when the series already had the weight and size we know?

Pilou Asbaek (P.B.) – I'm lucky. When I joined, the series was already a phenomenon, it was already one of the most popular series in the world with one of the largest fan bases in the world. When we come to a new project, we are always a bit nervous. I had just done "Ghost in the Shell" with Scarlett Johansson, which everyone expected to become a gigantic franchise. He had Scarlett, a Paramount, worked with Steven Spielberg … was destined to become a big hit, but that did not happen.

I was very happy with "The War of the Thrones" because I knew that I would be part of something that had already achieved its place and that was already working. I have a French mother who taught me a saying: "Some things will make you rich, some things will give you honor but it is very rare these two things happen simultaneously." I found this combination n '"The War of the Thrones."

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(S.M.) – And how did you work last season on what went to work in the sixth and seventh seasons?

Pilou Asbaek (P.B.) – By the sixth season had just arrived at the largest series in the world, he was terrified, he was so nervous. He did not know what to expect, the only thing he knew was that he did not want to be the guy who ruined "The War of the Thrones" to the fans, the cast and crew. He was not really into me for being so nervous.

He knew he did not want to be the type that ruined "The War of the Thrones" to the fans, the cast and crew.

When I returned to the seventh season I had a long talk with David and Dan (David Benioff and DB Weiss, the creators) where I asked them if we could make the character more rock'n'roll, harder because I'll never satisfy the audience only to be bad. There would always be a Ramsay or a Joffrey who were more evil than I could be. And what I suggested was to make it more fun, more seductive, more like, "I'm going to kiss you and then I'm going to kill you." And they said "fantastic. Let's put him in a leather jacket and make it more rock n 'roll. " And that was much better for me because it meant that I had more creative control, had a greater responsibility.

This is the kind of people we want to work with, people who say "let's go this way and fail" rather than people who say "let's go here because I do not want to take risks." In season 6 I was very nervous, in season 7 the pieces fit the puzzle and season 8 just had fun. It was a long party for Euron Greyjoy and everyone is invited.

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