Pires de Lima does not run for CDS leadership and challenges Mesquita Nunes to move forward – Jornal Económico

Former Economy Minister António Pires de Lima will not run for the CDS-PP leadership and suggests that Adolfo Mesquita Nunes move forward. In an interview with "Antena 1" and "Jornal de Negócios", the former ruler said that he feels no obligation to do so and considers that there are other centrist figures that can be an asset.

“I hope that sooner or later (and if it could be sooner than later all the better) that the immense talent of Adolfo Mesquita Nunes can be tested in a role of political leadership. It would be a big waste for CDS if that were not to happen. I don't want to press him, ”he said.

António Pires de Lima wants to see a moderate, liberal-minded party ahead of the party and rejects any attempt to make the CDS a confessional party. "You have to have the best parliamentary group, clear flags, clear causes, and someone, a leader, I think of the new generation," he said in radio and daily economics statements.

He also appeals to the five elected members of the CDS to be the “five brave members of parliament” and blames Asunción Cristas for the poor election result, applauding his first two years in party leadership. "The first responsible for the strategy that the CDS followed, and that resulted in this result, is unfortunately and obviously the party leader, who took it with great dignity," he admitted.

In the same interview, António Pires de Lima argues that it is important to reduce taxes, reduce tax complexity, increase competitiveness and the minimum wage, which should reach 700 euros at the end of the legislature.

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