Pixel 4: Google doesn't want you to waste your time on music – Equipment

Pixel 4: Google doesn't want you to waste your time on music - Equipment

Google continues to work on its personal assistant, and having shown how it is already capable of handling dialing autonomously and independently, technology will now save you the hassle of being put on hold.

The information is advanced by the portal 9to5Google, which indicates that the new Pixel 4 will already have this option available. According to the website, artificial intelligence will be able to handle calls that are put on hold, returning the reins only when a human is on the phone. To activate this feature you just have to click a button, which will appear on the display when this type of call happens.

Please note that this option may not be available as soon as the product is launched as it is still being tuned by Google itself. What is not mentioned is whether there are any plans to extend this feature to other Android devices, although the tendency is to bring these options to other phones.

If confirmed, the launch of this technology may also be part of Google's strategy to attract potential buyers. By limiting AI's news to its own smartphones, even for a limited time, the company gains a selling point in the face of competition.

For now there is no official information to confirm or disintegrate the integration of this feature in Pixel 4, so we will have to wait for the official presentation of the new models.

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