PJ arrests man in Lisbon for internet pornography crimes – Internet

PJ arrests man in Lisbon for internet pornography crimes - Internet

The PJ unit, which is dedicated to investigating cybercrime and technology crimes, has identified and detained a 54-year-old married man who is suspected of a number of child pornography crimes involving victims under 16. years old.

In a statement the Judiciary Police clarifies that "the detainee, resident in the Greater Lisbon region, Municipality of Oeiras, resorted to the use of peer to peer applications, designating a network where computers communicate and exchange data with each other directly, without the need for a central server to manage such communication in order to acquire and make available to other users digital files containing content of sexual abuse and exploitation of minors, contributing to the dissemination of such content "

During the action it was seized computer material used in the crimes, and the expectation is that, through its expert examination, it will be possible to ascertain the extent and criminal links of the illegal activity.

According to PJ, the detainee was present for the first judicial interrogation, for the purpose of applying a duress measure.

Fighting child pornography online is one of the areas where this PJ unit has been active and in 2017, in one of the largest actions of its kind, 24 search warrants were issued following a report from Europol.

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