PJM investigator "assures" that Azeredo Lopes learned of the cover-up of the recovery of weapons – The Jornal Econômico

Defense minister says "it makes no sense" to resign - The Economic Journal

Major Vasco Brazão, a researcher at the Military Judiciary Police (PJM), said that together with Colonel Luís Vieira, director of PJM, they informed the Minister of Defense of the staging jointly with the GNR of Loulé regarding the recovery of stolen weapons in the tancos, reveals the newspaper "Expresso".

The guarantee was given last Tuesday, October 2, during the eight-hour interrogation on the Campus of Justice. To the weekly, Azeredo Lopes denied having been informed of the operation, either before it was carried out in October or later at the end of last year.

According to sources linked to the case, cited by the newspaper, Vasco Brazão revealed in court that he delivered personally at the end of 2017 a memorandum explaining the whole operation to the chief of staff of Azeredo Lopes, noting that the chief of staff contacted the minister by telephone , in front of the two soldiers of the PJM, to inform him of the situation.

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