Plastic arts against nuclear weapons – UAlg

Plastic arts against nuclear weapons - UAlg

Plastic arts exhibition "For peace, against nuclear weapons" at the University of Algarve (UAlg) during March.

The partnership between the Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation (CPPC), “Peace and Art Society” (PAS) and the Library of the University of Algarve, has a patent for the plastic arts exhibition, "For peace, against nuclear weapons", in the hall of the Rectorate, in Gambelas.

This exhibition began its itinerancy in the Algarve in February 2020, in Aljezur.

“75 years after the Holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945, with hundreds of thousands of deaths and effects that continue to this day, nuclear weaponry continues to be developed. Only one percent of the existing nuclear warheads would arrive to destroy human civilization ”, explains the organization.

Exhibition "For peace, against nuclear weapons" – UAlg

The issue of nuclear weapons is "on the table", and the CPPC has taken several actions to promote the campaign for the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

"Global nuclear disarmament is a central issue in the defense of peace, for the survival of the human species itself and for the maintenance of life on Earth as we know it today", they explain.

Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty was launched in July 2017 by the 122 states participating in the United Nations conference. With the ratification of Honduras, on the 24th of October, the necessary mark was reached for the entry into force of the Treaty.

"The CPPC welcomes the ratification by 50 states of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, which will thus come into force in January 2021".

The CPPC, which has a campaign underway for Portugal to join the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

The Public Petition can be subscribed HERE.


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