Plastic Free Fisherman's Snack Party – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Plastic Free Fisherman's Snack Party - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Municipality of Loulé continues to bet on the introduction of environmentally sustainable measures in its events and, in this sense, the Fisherman's Snack Festival, which took place in the city of Quarteira on May 30 and 31 and 1 and June 2, received a novelty in this matter that allowed to reduce much of the production of plastic waste.

For the first time in this event, which relies mainly on the gastronomic side, all crockery, cutlery and plastic cups have been replaced with biodegradable and compostable parts.

On the other hand, at the end of each night, the organic waste collected, including food remains, was sent for deposition and transformation at the ALGAR Organic Valuation Center in S. Brás de Alportel.

In total, 3 tons of waste produced during the four days of this edition of the Snacks of the Fisherman were sent.

For municipal officials, this is another action that combines environmental issues with events, reflecting also in the initiatives of cultural and recreational scope promoted by the Autarchy a permanent concern with the reduction of the ecological footprint.



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