Platform promises to “fight back” for parish recovery – Jornal Económico

The National Platform Reclaim Parishes today promised to “return to the fight” for the recovery of municipalities extinguished by the Government of PSD / CDS-PP, through actions of sensitization of the population and the creation of petitions.

“The parishes were extinguished, but the desire to replace them will never be extinguished,” he assumes.

In a note sent to Lusa, the platform explains that this decision was taken after a meeting with representatives of civic movements on Wednesday, in Maia, in the Porto district.

The organization guarantees that it is prepared to mobilize all people from north to south of the country in the forthcoming local elections to “penalize” political parties that do nothing to change the current scenario.

Saying that they are ready for the “political fight they are going to fight”, the civic movements that will be part of the platform will hold national and regional meetings, online petitions and public awareness campaigns in the coming months.

The National Reclaim Parishes Platform involves 31 civic movements from around the country, representing 31 parish unions.

The district of Faro, Lisbon and Santarém has a civic movement, Viana do Castelo and Aveiro two, Porto 10 and Braga 14.

Following the 2013 reform, under the responsibility of the then Social-Democratic Minister Miguel Relvas, the 4,259 existing parishes then moved to 3,092 (on the Azorean island of Corvo the parish is taken over by the municipality).

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