PlayStation 5 will put an end point on the loadings – Computers

PlayStation 5 will put an end point on the loadings - Computers

The PlayStation 5 is a project that will take place in a few months. The confirmation has already been given by Sony itself, however, also used to reveal some features of the console. By this time, it is known that the machine will have a new SSD, which was developed specifically for the PS5, and will allow a reading of data 19 times faster than the PlayStation 4. In practice, this makes that the loadings become almost non-existent.

"Ultra-fast SSD is the key to our next generation," Sony wrote in a statement via PlayStation Magazine (via IGN). "Our vision is to make loadings a thing of the past, allowing creators to build new and unique gameplay experiences." To show the potential of this component, Sony already showed a demonstration of how the SSD could impact Marvel's Spider-Man, where a load that takes 15 seconds to complete on PS4, passed to 0.8 seconds on PS5.

With this brand, programmers can afford to eliminate loading screens, since a transition between environments can be done in less than a second.

As IGN points out, waiting time was not a problem in the time of the cartridges. It is on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray that the loadings exist that negatively impact the game experiences, eliminating a fluidity that is desired in moments where, by technical implications, it is impossible to include. Remember that the last God of War retained the attention of the community of players by not having any loading.

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