PlayStation VR 2 can come in several models – Computers

PlayStation VR 2 can come in several models - Computers

In addition to working on the new PlayStation, Sony's gaming department has another robust task at hand. After the success of the PlayStation VR, the Japanese company bet on the development of a successor equipment that, according to rumors, is expected to hit the market along with PS5.

The novelty, however, does not concern the release date of the headset, but the fact that it can be translated, not in one device, but in a line of several devices. According to Dominic Mallinson, vice president for Sony's research and development sector, launching several different models is one of the options on the table. According to the official, who spoke at Collision 2019, it is even possible that a wireless PlayStation headset arrives in stores.

Dominic Mallinson did not want to dwell on potential new features, but added that monitoring the player's eyes is a fundamental technology for virtual reality, so it is almost certain that the new PSVR will have an improved system in that sense.

"This is the technology that makes me more enthusiastic," he said. "We've already begun to see some handsets that have this integrated technology, especially at industry events, and I think it has tremendous potential to shift the virtual reality experience to the consumer […] I think everyone can understand how rich human communication becomes when there is eye contact, "added Dominic Mallinson, during his presentation.

For the vice president, this technology will change the way players interact with content. By noting the point at which the user is looking, the scene can not only react with appropriate stimuli, but can also adjust the quality of the image at that precise point, thus contributing to the graphic quality of the experience and also to immersing the content itself.

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