Pokémon GO grows again and already has $ 270 million in 2019

Pokémon GO grows again and already has $ 270 million in 2019

Despite no longer walking in the "mouth of the world", Pokémon GO remains one of the most profitable games for smartphones, and by 2019 even grew in regard to revenue. Moved by the third edition of the Eggstravaganza annual event, Niantic managed to consolidate a significant growth in the revenue of Pokémon GO, relative to last year. Only in April, the augmented reality game surpassed 65 million dollars, registering a growth of 15% over the same period of 2018. The data is from Sensor Tower.

Pokémon GO is ranked seventh in the list of the top billing apps in 2019, compared with tenth in last year. As far as video games are concerned, he is in sixth, behind Clash of Clans.

As the company is finalizing the launch of its new augmented reality game, Hatty Potter: Wizards Unite, whose beta version is already circulating in some countries, the Pokémon GO phenomenon continues to record overwhelming numbers. During the first four months of 2019, users have spent about $ 270 million in micro transactions in the game, the App Store and Google Play, a 33% increase over 2018, which added "only" 203.5 million dollars .

Interestingly, players from Japan and the United States spent roughly the same in the game during 2019, accounting for about 34% of revenue, or $ 92 million. Last year, Japanese players recorded 3% more purchases than Americans.

To celebrate the film Detective Pikachu, which hits theaters on May 10, Niantic will introduce special events and encounters in the game from today until May 17. Firstly, all the Pokémon that appear in the movie will appear more frequently in the game. There are also Raid battles for groups of up to 20 players and Field Research alluding to the film, with limited-edition collectible items for their avatars. To pose in the photos, the inseparable Pikachu will have his detective hat. You can see the news in the video, above.

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