Polaroid Lab: Prints directly from your smartphone screen – Multimedia

Polaroid Lab: Prints directly from your smartphone screen - Multimedia

Despite the digitization of the photographic industry, printed images continue to retain a certain charm and that is exactly why an industry dedicated to instant photography persists. The appeal of these creations helps keep some brands alive, like Polaroid or Fujifilm, and it's the first one we talk about today. Polaroid Lab is the latest creation of the company and presents an argument not found in similar products. This new printer can extract photos directly from the smartphone screen.

Polaroid describes this new product as one of those traditional dark development rooms, but big enough to fit a desk. The brand explains that there is chemistry involved in printing and that the process is different from what we are used to seeing in other versions.

To use the Lab, you will need to select the photo you want to print with the help of the Polaroid Originals app, and once you have it open on your device, simply place it on the printer platform with the screen facing down. Then you have to press a button, which will cause the image to be projected on film, creating instant photography thanks to a mirror, light and chemical system. As usual, the photo is then expelled by a slot and you need to shake it for a few seconds to activate the colors.

The project was developed by Polaroid Originals, a division of the company dedicated to creating cameras, printers and retro photo paper.

Polaroid Lab will hit stores on October 10 and will cost around 120 euros.

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