Politicians mark joint demonstration for October 25 – The Economic Journal

Politicians mark joint demonstration for October 25 - The Economic Journal

The structure that brings together unions and associations of the PSP, GNR, SEF, prison guards, Maritime Police and ASAE announced today that they will hold a national demonstration on October 25 at the Assembly of the Republic.

The protest was decided at a meeting held today at the Port of the Permanent Coordination Committee of Trade Unions and Associations of Security Forces and Services Professionals (CCP), which brings together the most representative trade unions and associations in the internal security sector.

At stake is the unfreezing of careers, lack of personnel and investment in police institutions.

In a statement, this structure says that the unions and associations that make up the CCP are "outraged by the content of what can become the State Budget for 2019", considering that "another year" is expected in which careers police may be left out of the process of thawing careers, in particular as regards the full accounting of the length of service in which they have been frozen.

The CCP also considers that it does not anticipate "any remuneration valuation through the revision of the salary scale".

"For the Government the security forces and services are worth very little, especially as regards the risk and attrition of their functions since, given the probable increase of the national minimum wage, there are professionals at the beginning of the career who earn just over 100 euros above the values ​​now under negotiation, "he says.

This structure estimates that the State Budget for 2019 will "equally maintain the line of disinvestment in police institutions, accentuating their aging rates and the objective lack of human and material resources, which daily limit their good operational performance."

For CCP, the lack of investment in the conditions of service of elements of security forces and services "is also disinvesting in the security and well-being of populations."

"In view of the position of the Government, which has been deaf to the claims and rights of professionals of security forces and services, who shirked responsibilities, referring these matters to the tutelas, which resolved nothing during the year and effective OE2018, the structures that make up the CCP scheduled a national demonstration for October 25, with the Assembly of the Republic, "said the CCP's note.

The CCP includes the Association of Guard Professionals (APG / GNR), Association of Police Professionals (ASPP / PSP), Socioprofessional Association of the Maritime Police, Trade Union of the Investigation and Inspection Service of the Foreigners and Borders Service, National Union the Prison Guard Corps and the ASAE Staff Union.

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