Politicians who hire family members face three years in prison. Know French law – The Economic Journal

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In France since July 2017 politicians who hire family members face a prison sentence of up to three years and a fine of 45,000 euros. The law came at the time following the controversy in the last presidential election, marked by the hiring of the wife of the candidate François Fillon.

The law thus prohibits ministers, deputies and councilors from employing family members and specifies that it applies to couples who have contracted marriage or live together, to parents and in-laws and children and stepchildren, according to the Público newspaper.

Already for the hiring of any other person in the more distant family circle, which include any family connections or old there is the obligation of a public statement.

In parliamentary debate this Thursday, Prime Minister António Costa said that "criteria should be defined here" to restrict or not the appointment of people with family relations, applying to all governments. António Costa's statement came in response to PSD parliamentary party leader Fernando Negrão questioning whether "the government can not appoint qualified people to its offices without having family relations?"

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