Polls give PSOE victory but right-wing block has slight advantage – Jornal Económico

Today is the last day on which polls for the parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday, November 10, the fourth of the last four years, can be published after the PSOE (Spanish Workers Socialist Party) won the last, on 28 last April, but failed to form a government.

The right-wing bloc formed by the PP (People's Party), Citizens (liberal right) and Vox (far right) would win the next election, according to opinion polls published by ABC, La Razón and El Espanol newspapers, although another, from El Mundo, give victory to the left, PSOE, Unidas Somos (far left) and Más País.

According to the results of these polls, neither block would get the absolute majority to rule (176 deputies), since ABC gives between 158 and 161 seats to the right-wing block, and between 151 and 157 to the left, La Razón estimates whereas the right would add between 153 and 163 deputies and the left between 150 and 158, and El Espanol between 150 and 166 and 147 and 162, respectively.

El Mundo gives the left-wing parties with 157 to 170 seats as winners, while the right-wing would have 144 to 160 seats.

Polls predict that the PSOE will be the most voted party, with 25 to 28% of the votes, while in previous elections it had 28.7%.

The PP, which reached 16.7% in April, would now rise to 20-22%, a rise alongside the Vox, which from 10.3% would now rise to 13 to 15% at the expense of a steep decline in Citizens from the current 15. , 9% would be 8 to 9%, depending on the polls.

The United We Can would have a slight decline from 14.3% to 11-12% and the new left wing More Country may aspire to have between 3% and 4%.

The various polls confirm the tendency of El Pais published Sunday, which already indicated the victory of the PSOE in the elections of November 10, but losing strength in relation to the elections of last April, maintaining the situation of political blockade in the country. .

The top five candidates for next Sunday's Spanish elections are holding the only long-awaited television debate today to try to convince the undecided Spaniards and those who think it is not worth going to vote.

Pedro Sánchez (PSOE, socialist), Pablo Casado (PP, right), Albert Rivera (Citizens, liberal right), Pablo Iglesias (Unidas Somos, far left) and Santiago Abascal (Vox, far right) will start by answering each one of them, in the debate that starts at 22:00 (21:00 in Lisbon) and extends for two hours and 45 minutes, to the question: “We are facing an electoral repetition. How do we get out of this?

Leading candidates have halted or significantly reduced since Sunday their participation in the eight-day election campaign, which began last Friday, to prepare for their intervention tonight.

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