"Pondero sue the doctor Filipe Pinhal" – The Economic Journal

Vítor Constâncio admitted to TSF that he intends to sue Filipe Pinhal, the former BCP administrator who accused Constâncio of having "run with him" from the lists to lead the Banco de Portugal, after Berardo's loans were refused.

The former governor of the Bank of Portugal has admitted that he is thinking of bringing Filipe Pinhal to court. "Pondero sue the Doctor Filipe Pinhal. It is a decision that is not yet taken, because I have not heard the statements, the lawyers have to analyze, but I am considering, "he told TSF this Wednesday, June 12.

Regarding Felipe Pinhal's accusations against Vítor Constâncio, when he accused the former governor of "great disorientation", the latter says that they are talking about slander and he then admitted to taking the case to court, arguing further that it is "an accusation false, without foundation and without facts. "

"Dr. Filipe Pinhal is a person without any credibility," Constâncio said. "He was convicted by the criminal courts and in cases of the Banco de Portugal and the Securities Market Commission for crimes committed at Banco Comercial Português," said the former governor of the Banco de Portugal.

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