Portas wants to "halt" PS arrogance and calls for vote on CDS-PP to add deputies – O Jornal Económico

Former CDS-PP leader Paulo Portas said Friday that the PS's arrogance must be "halted" and called for the party to concentrate votes to "add" deputies to parliament and form a center-right majority.

The appeal was made by Paulo Portas in the centrists' last campaign action, a lunch in Setúbal, where he was side by side with the centrist president, Asunción Cristas, and warned that it would be necessary to concentrate votes on the CDS-PP in Sunday's legislative elections.

There is a need, he said, to “halt the growing arrogance of the discourse of power” of the socialists.

“If they are like that without a majority, imagine what they would be in the majority,” said Portas.

At the current juncture, he added, “we need to focus votes on those who can elect deputies,” referring to small parties.

"There may be interesting ideas in new parties, but the deputies who are elected are the ones who count," the CDS-PP said.

For Paulo Portas, the deputies of the CDS-PP “add up and without them there is not a majority to change”, center right.

"They don't want to wake up on Monday with more deputies on the left, more radical deputies and fewer deputies on the CDS," he said, urging militants to work to convince voters by election day.

He also recalled the 2015 legislative elections, in which the PSD / CDS-PP coalition won the elections, but did not have a parliamentary majority.

“He didn't tell who won, he told who added deputies in parliament. The CDS deputies add up and without them there is no majority to change, ”he insisted.

Asunción Cristas also made a last appeal to voters to “not disperse votes”, and described support for the CDS-PP as a “reliable and very secure” vote.

"Make no mistake," Cristas said, recalling those who in the four-year elections might want to penalize, "but little" the coalition, which then fell short of the majority needed to govern.

CDS-PP election day was shortened today due to the death of CDS founder Diogo Freitas do Amaral on Thursday at the age of 78, and the ruin in Baixa de Lisboa was canceled and a rally party was celebrated. late afternoon, in front of the party headquarters, also in the capital.

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