Portimão able to respond to emergencies in this period of energy crisis – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Portimão able to respond to emergencies in this period of energy crisis - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

In the face of the strike by the drivers of dangerous goods transport, the government has declared the situation of an energy crisis in order to guarantee the energy supplies essential for the defense and functioning of the state and the priority sectors of the economy, as well as the satisfaction of essential services. public interest and fundamental needs

Since there is a likelihood that essential goods and services may be affected by the population, the Portimão Municipal Civil Protection Commission met extraordinarily this Monday, August 12, at the premises of the Portimão Municipal Civil Protection and Relief Operations Center, to assess the situation in the county against the strike that began today indefinitely, and the anticipatory measures implemented against the foreseeable scenarios in terms of civil protection and relief were addressed.

Since the energy crisis was recognized, the Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) has started a permanent monitoring process, in conjunction with the network of gas stations in the municipality, along with the anticipated measures for the scenario in question, which They ensure that all activities related to the protection and relief of the population are maintained, as well as the assistance and fulfillment of essential public interest services and the fundamental needs of citizens.

Having done the municipal situation and listening to all entities that contribute to civil protection, it was decided, due to the lack of criteria, at the moment, and unanimously, not to activate the Municipal Emergency and Civil Protection Plan, however, it was determined to setting up a permanent Subcommittee to monitor the situation and ensure early response to any constraints that will work as long as the energy crisis lasts.

It should be noted that the REPA – Strategic Gas Station Network has three stations in Portimão, namely the Jumbo Station and the Alto do Quintão Galp Station, intended for priority vehicles and the general public, in which case each customer can only supply 15 liters. and the Galp Gas Station of Cabeço do Mocho, intended exclusively for priority vehicles. In the remaining 11 non-REPA refueling stations in the municipality, the maximum volume of petrol or diesel that can be supplied to each light motor vehicle will be 25 liters, or 100 liters for heavy vehicles.

The request for the matching of certain vehicles to vehicles of priority entities must be requested by the interested parties to the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through their own form available in the application created for this purpose, online.

In order to maintain safety levels and public normality, the SMPC advises all citizens not to use jerricans to cope with this period of energy crisis, remembering that improper or irresponsible use of this equipment may cause damage. irreversible materials and humans. Recalls further that it is' prohibited to store liquid fuels due to the risk of vapor release and ignition, and that there are limits to the amount of fuel to be carried on jerricans in a private car; beyond the
safety procedures that the situation requires ”, the SMPC calls for“ common sense, public tranquility and preventive behavior ”.

Interested parties will be able to consult all the information available on the websites of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority or National Entity for the Energy Sector also online, as well as the possibility to obtain information about the situation in the municipality of Portimão through the Municipal Protection Line. 24 ”(808 282 112), which operates 24 hours a day.



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