Portimão approves 300 thousand euros for associations

Portimão approves 300 thousand euros for associations

In view of the current emergency situation due to Covid-19, the city council of Portimão will establish exceptional protocols for social development collaboration with local associations, allocating 313 thousand and 421 euros.

In this sense, 54 protocols will be signed between the municipality of Portimão and eight cultural associations (totaling 34 thousand and 600 euros), 21 sports groups (67 thousand and 200 euros) and 25 institutions or associations of a social nature (211 thousand euros) and 621 euros).

"This economic aid aims to contribute so that the associativism with work in the social area maintains its essential valences in supporting people in situations of vulnerability, families and health" highlights the autarchy. Communities linked to the cultural and creative sector and sport will also be covered, "in order to contribute to the mitigation of losses resulting from the current epidemiological crisis".


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