Portimão celebrates 96 years in an original way

Portimão celebrates 96 years in an original way

Due to the current pandemic situation that the country is going through, Portimão chose to mark the 96th anniversary of being elevated to the city, under the motto “together we fulfill”, respecting the current rules of distancing and confinement, but “ensuring that there are no distances between the Portimonenses” . To this end, it prepared a program that highlights the main moments of the celebrations and shares “a new look at the city”.

Host of the program, the young communication student Carlotta Carvalho, 20 years old, will launch the invitation to the population to watch online, on the social networks of the municipality, the celebrations of the Day of the City of Portimão, from 7 to 12 December.

Alameda Portimão

It will also be this week that the Christmas decoration of the town square is joined by the green lighting of the town hall building, symbolically invoking feelings of hope and solidarity. The elevation of Vila Nova de Portimão to the category of city was made official in the Government Gazette of December 11, 1924, at the initiative of the Portuguese writer Manuel Teixeira Gomes, at the time President of the Republic, starting the celebrations as early as December 7, at 6:00 pm, with the award of the Municipal Volunteer Prize 2020, in a ceremony scheduled for the hall of Paços do Concelho.

From 6 pm the following day, the Nobel Prize for Literature Manuel Teixeira Gomes will also take place in the main hall, which distinguishes unpublished works. Then follows the traditional municipal tribute to retired teachers.

The book “European City of Sport 2019” was scheduled for 6 pm on December 9, also in the main hall, which results from the photographic work of Miguel Veterano, born in Portimão. The program of this day will continue under the same theme, with the realization in the hall of the Paços do Concelho of the Gala do Esporte 2020 – Homage to Campões Portimonenses.

On the eve of the City Day, December 10, the Youth Initiative Prize will be awarded from 6 pm, a project with an investment of 7 thousand euros carried out within the scope of Generation XXI, and which results from a partnership between the municipality of Portimão, the DYPALL Network and MyPolis, the company responsible for the web platform that served as a springboard to this challenge. The main objective of the distinction was to stimulate the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurial citizenship of young people from Portimão, challenged to answer the question “If you had 500 euros, what would you change in your city?”

From 8:30 pm, the show “Volt’a Portugal em Revista”, produced by the cultural association Sonhos em Cena, will take the stage in the Grand Auditorium of TEMPO Teatro Municipal de Portimão. The executive describes that "it is a Portuguese magazine that promises almost two hours of humor, social criticism, satire, emotions and affections".

Those interested in watching this entertaining show with free admission, although subject to the capacity of the space, must previously collect the tickets, two per person, in TIME on December 9, from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Paços do Concelho receives a solemn session The morning of the City Day, December 11, starts at 9:00 am with the traditional raising of flags, this year led by local civil protection agents, to the sound of the national anthem by the portimense fado singer João Leote, accompanied by maestro Gabriel Rodeia, at the command of Sociedade Filarmónica Portimonense, with the 13th anniversary of the Av. S. João de Deus Market and the 1st anniversary of the Pavilhão Desportivo da Boavista.

The solemn session of the Day of the City will take place at 6 pm in the main hall of the Paços do Concelho and, between speeches, will have musical interludes by students from the Basic and Secondary School of Bemposta. During the moment, the speaker of the municipal assembly, João Vieira and the mayor of Portimão, Isilda Gomes, will speak.

The inauguration at the Museu de Portimão of the exhibitions “20.ª Photographic Race of Portimão” and “Welcome to be Amália”, which can be visited on Tuesday, from 2:30 pm 18h00 and from Wednesday to Sunday from 10h00 to 18h00. On Sunday, admission is free.

Also worthy of note is the TEMPO Grand Auditorium, which will receive the seventh and final session of the “Portimão gives you stage” initiative from 5 pm on 12 December, a city project that literally gave stage to more than 20 local artists and bands, which deserved publicity on the municipality's social networks during the weekends' matinees.

Soon thereafter, the new project “Portimão the stage is yours” will be launched at Café Concerto do TEMPO, which constitutes an 'open call' program in which, for ten days, artists from the land will be able to sign up to perform at Black Box of TIME. To this end, musicians must submit their application on the website of the Portimão city council.

The schedule of the Day of the City of Portimão can be watched on the website or facebook of the municipality.


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