Portimonense 4 – 2 Sporting: From the Ukrainian ice to the heat of the Algarve, the lion & # 039; can not stand the temperature change

Portimonense 4 - 2 Sporting: From the Ukrainian ice to the heat of the Algarve, the lion & # 039; can not stand the temperature change

Sporting entered the field Sunday to face the last classified of the national championship: the Portimonense. But in an unexpected game, the Algarve defeated the 'lions' 4-2 and managed to steal three points to José Peseiro's team.

The first twenty minutes of the game pass without any spikes of emotion, so it is understandable that the result remains unfinished. Lack of linkage between sectors, on both sides, does with no bids with danger to register. The closest the 'lions' are to "danger" is a free kick by Bruno Fernandes in the 16th minute, but that ends in the side net of Leo goal. While Sporting 'sleeps', Portimonense begins to gain space.

António Folha's danger comes from Tabata, the technical quality of the Portimonense player makes him close to overthrow Salin, Vale Coates who cuts the ball. At minute 30 the threats become real and the home team opens the scoring. In a counterattack by the Algarve, Wilson Manafá feints Coates and with a low shot disarms Salin.

Sporting could have woken up after the match, but that does not happen and the Algarve take advantage of the defensive errors of the 'lions'. Still before the interval, Shoya Nakajima makes the second one of the Portimonense. Nakajima, Paulinho, Manafá show a high quality move on the left wing and leave Salin without a chance.

The bad news for Peseiro does not stop to increase and besides another conceded goal, the team of 'lions' still loses the goalkeeper. Salin hits his face on the post and is replaced by Renan Ribeiro. After the first part of the game, the truth is that the result is fair. The Peseiro players go wild, but they can not keep their feet in the game and loses defensive errors. Portimonense takes advantage (and well) of all the bad moments of the adversary.

To start the second half, the leonino coach makes a change to the team: sai Raphinha and enters Nani. Sporting then begins to give the first signs of wanting to hold the reins of the game.

The second 45 minutes show different teams. While the Portimonense 'backs' to the result, Sporting struggles to make the turnaround. In minute 63 Montero concretize the objective. On the left side and in line with Nani, Acuña crosses to the Portuguese international who lets the Colombian finish.

But the dominion of the 'lions' was sun of little hard and at minute 82 Nakajima bisa and increases the advantage over Sporting. Following a corner kick, the ball remains for the 24-year-old Japanese striker who scores for Renan's goal.

The 'lions' are not allowed to stay and still reduce to 3-2 by Coates. Nani crosses to the Uruguayan defender who heads for the goal of the 'lions'. But in the 93rd minute, João Carlos takes the (little) hope left for the Alvalade team and makes the fourth goal of the Algarve. It was fixed the result and the defeat of Sporting with the last classified.

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