Portimonense loses with FC Porto, Paulo Sérgio and Conceição “got caught”…

Portimonense loses with FC Porto, Paulo Sérgio and Conceição “got caught”…

Portimonense lost today at home to FC Porto, 2-1, in a match of the 24th round of the I League of football marked by a verbal duel between coaches Paulo Sérgio and Sérgio Conceição, who almost reached the de facto route.

This was FC Porto's fourth consecutive victory in Portimão – all under the command of Sérgio Conceição – since the return of the Algarve to the I Liga in 2017.

Portimonense remains, in the condition, in 13th place, with 23 points, facing, in the next round, the Nacional.

The first part had few moments of interest. The Porto players, without great offensive dynamics, rarely bothered the guardian Samuel, while the Portimonense, with a line of five defenders, tried to attract the opponent to risk on the counterattack, but without great success.

On the verge of the break, in the first minute of discounts, FC Porto unlocked the null, in a bid for the "caught".

Corona unbalanced by the right flank and crossed for Sérgio Oliveira to miss the shot, Marega tried to reload and Lucas Possignolo ended up, unhappily, deflecting into his own goal when trying to cut.

Shortly after 0-1, Beto had a possible draw on his feet, but Marchesin blocked the shot from the striker.

In the second half, the game had more emotion. At 64 minutes, Fali Candé appeared isolated in the face of Marchesin and offered the goal to Beto, who shot for Diogo Leite's cut. The ball was left over for Candé's head deviation, unopposed, within one meter of the goal line.

Three minutes later, FC Porto scored the winning goal, in a free-kick that also caused a disagreement between the two coaches. Sérgio Oliveira shot the post and the ball bounced off Samuel's back into the net.

At the same time, Paulo Sérgio and Sérgio Conceição, who had been "caught" for minutes, raised the verbal duel and ended up being expelled, in a confusion that lasted more than five minutes and also involved players.


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