"Porto and Algarve are no strangers to TAP's strategy" – Pedro Nuno Santos

"Porto and Algarve are no strangers to TAP's strategy" - Pedro Nuno Santos

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing guaranteed yesterday that TAP's new strategy will pass through Porto and the Algarve, ensuring that there is a “great concern” with the coverage of the territory.

“We are very concerned with the coverage of the territory. Porto and the Algarve are no strangers to this strategy, ”said the minister, in Mondim de Basto (Vila Real), on the sidelines of the inauguration of a road with the neighboring municipality of Celorico de Basto (Braga), cited by the online newspaper Eco.

At the end of August, the PS / Algarve leader, in a letter sent to the minister, criticized the company for its “continuous alienation” vis-à-vis the region.

“TAP still does not learn from the mistakes of the past, keeping its back turned to the country's development”, considered Luís Graça.

In the first quarter of this year, TAP represented an 8% market share in the movements and passengers transported at Faro Airport.

The company's restructuring plan is being prepared with the advice of the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and will also have to guarantee the priority of the connection between the South Atlantic and Europe.

"We do not want to lose this added value for the country, which has contributed so that many revenues remain in Portugal", said Pedro Nuno Santos, rejecting that TAP becomes a "low cost" company, as accused by the workers' commission.

“The advantage is that we are in control of what is being done at TAP. That at least gives the Portuguese people a rest, ”said the minister, according to Eco, noting that the operation“ implies a significant effort ”.

The Portuguese State now holds a 72.5% position in TAP, after having acquired Atlantic Atlantic's share, for 55 million euros.


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