Porto de Leixões recorded the best quarter in the cargo movement – O Jornal Económico

The Port of Leixões, between January and April of this year, managed to move more than 6.6 million tons of merchandise. According to information released by the Portuguese Ports Administration, this figure represents a year-on-year change of 5%, meaning the best ever record.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, Leixões grew two digits in most of the analyzed segments, obtaining a 14% increase in general cargo, 18% in fractional cargo, 12% in container cargo and 19% in roll-on and roll merchandise -Off. The number of ships in service in the Port of Leixões has also increased, showing a growth of 13% in gross tonnage, "which reveals the increasing size and capacity of ships entering and leaving Leixões."

But it is not only in the goods that Leixões has verified increases, the passengers also have presented record numbers. With a total of 23,854 tourists, the great majority is from the United Kingdom, comprising 35%, and from Germany 34% of tourists arrived and the United States of America reached 16% of the total number. The months of February and March were the ones that registered a greater movement of passengers, representing an increase of 103.3% and 61.93%, in the same order.

"Leixões is at a real high tide and exports follow this growth," says the administration responsible for port management. Between January and April of this year Leixões left more 1,793 thousand tons of merchandise, representing an increase of 18% over the same period of the previous year. The main destination countries are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain. Refined products, iron, steel, paper and carton are the main goods exported from Leixões.

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